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Why you should recruit with us

We have HR experts among our fold with more than ten years experience recruiting within the Malawi labour market.

Specifically, we can provide advice and insight on recruitment in Malawi, advertise in the relevant forums for the highest target market reach, facilitate the shortlisting, interviews and background checks.

Our website has the highest reach on the labour market and advertising with us will significantly reduce your recruitment costs (time and money).

You can immediately post jobs on our website through this link. Alternatively, you can submit your job through email The first two job posts are free.

While newspapers remain the traditional primary advertising platform, more and more users are now getting to learn of vacancies through websites and social media. Dwindling newspaper subscriptions means days for newspaper advertising are certainly numbered. Online advertising is the quickest means of getting to the labour market. Through our email subscription, we will automatically post the job to our list of more than forty thousand subscribers. This way, the tight deadlines for immediate hires are manageable.

Our website is the most trusted source of vacancies in Malawi and we can comfortably claim that all other job websites in Malawi copy our posts. Our users can testify to this.  So put your trust in us as has the labour market.