Partnerships, Relationships and Communications Manager – Public Private Partnership Commission

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now globally recognized as an essential tool in promoting competitiveness, job creation, sustainable development, and overall poverty reduction. A combination of widespread access to broadband and a robust ICT services ecosystem can offer a powerful platform for reducing poverty, improving human development and increasing government transparency and efficiency. ICTs have the potential to transform business and government – driving entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth and breaking down barriers of distance and cost in the delivery of services.

In recognition of the critical role that ICTs plays in fostering socio-economic development and empowering the poor, the Government of Malawi secured a loan from the World Bank to implement an ICT Project, “Digital Malawi”. The implementation agency for the project is the Public Private Partnership Commission. Other stakeholders include Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, the E-Government Department and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority.

The Government of Malawi intends to use part of the loan proceeds to engage a Partnership, Relationships and Communications Manager (PRC Manager) to assist the Government in establishing partnerships and managing relationships with a variety of global and national stakeholders with the aim of promoting digital skills and the government’s digital development agenda, with a special focus on digitally enabled innovation, entrepreneurship and digital inclusion in Malawi. The PRC Manager will also be responsible for articulation and communications of results and impact from activities supported by the Digital Malawi program, on behalf of the Government.

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